Our Mission and Origin

Contact Ministries Center, an extension of Eldridge Ministries DBA WRNK 96.3 LPFM was founded as a non-profit religious educational organization in February, 2007 when the station was received from Revival Now Ministry and Founder Evangelist David Copeland

WRNK Mission Statement

WRNK 96.3 LPFM’s mission is:

  1. To change the spiritual atmosphere of the Valley area through Praise & Worship,
  2. Training in Biblical instruction, and
  3. Providing individual, family, and community support to the citizens of the Lanett, Valley, West Point areas.

WRNK Mission Goals:

1. Spiritual Atmosphere Changes –
  • Our goal is to use the medium of radio to change the atmosphere over this city;
    • To allow people to be drawn into the Presence of God through anointed music, preaching, and teaching;
    • To be a vehicle of Unity for the Body of Christ;
    • To partner with local churches and ministries in fulfilling the Great Commission through the Spoken Word; and,
    • To be constantly striving to bring a spirit of excellence into Christian Broadcasting and most of all exalting Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
2. Biblical Training
  • WRNK station will help further our spiritual educational mission in the following ways:
    • Educational broadcasts in the History and Practice of the Christian Tradition & Theology
    • Live and recorded worship services
    • Forums for the faith communities focusing on spiritual value
    • Literature audio presentations such as audio books, radio theater, and Scripture
    • Regular and special programs of discipleship, teaching, and preaching.
3. Support for Community, Families, and Individuals:
  • WRNK will be a voice in the area that the community cannot do without by providing:
    • Community Calendar and regular posting of concerns
    • Weekly bulletin services updating listeners about current trends
    • Regular programming related to music, visual arts, etc
    • Local news and community highlights
    • Public service announcements and community service bulletins
    • Meetings of interest, especially geared to shut-ins
    • Programs covering health issues, including senior citizen concerns
    • Educational programs focusing on the needs of children and teenagers
    • Emergency preparedness topics
    • Fire safety and medical emergency information
    • High school sports events coverage