Friends of The Keeper

If you really love the music, special programming and community outreach projects at WRNK then we invite you to get involved! Making WRNK a part of your life can be more rewarding than you ever thought and here’s how:

  1. Pray For Us. Friends of the Keeper unite and cover our 24 hour broadcast with prayer. Pray for WRNK programs and outreach projects to continue to change the atmosphere over our communities and then share the good news with others.
  2. Donate Support. We can’t thank you enough for your financial support. Your contributions make it possible for us to do our work throughout the community and around the world. Contact our support team at 706.643.9765 or email us at for individual contributions, program underwriting, or event and special program sponsorship. Your contributions are tax deductible.
  3. Get Personal. Volunteer for one of our sponsorship campaigns, community outreach events, on-site productions, or around the station. Get to know us personally.
  4. Talk To Us. Send us an email to when you hear something you don’t like and, especially when you hear something wonderful!
  5. Keep Us In Mind. Refer your church, family members, a friend, or business associate to tune in the WRNK on air broadcast or online stream via the Internet at WRNK.Com.
  6. Sing Praises. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, add a comment to your church bulletin, send a memo to your favorite outreach newsletter when you want to say “thank you”, to WRNK. If it prints, send us a copy and we will read it on the air.
  7. Stay Tuned In. Keep your radio tuned in to WRNK FM in your vehicle or at the office as much as you can. Send our positive, uplifting music and special programming over the airwaves in your community. Change the atmosphere!
  8. Keep Us Informed. If there is an important event in your community, notify our station by mail. Mark your envelope “Dated PSA Enclosed” and mail it to WRNK, 509 N 18th Ave, Lanett, Al 36863. Call us at (706) 585-6990 or(334)644-9765 or email us with PSA in subject line
  9. Show Your Station. Wear your WRNK T-Shirts and display your window decals, car tags, yard signs and banners.