Mission Statement and Goals

WRNK Mission Statement

WRNK 96.3 LPFM’s (The Keeper) mission is to change the spiritual atmosphere of the Valley area through Praise & Worship, Training in Biblical instruction, and to provide individual, family, and community support to the citizens of the area.


Spiritual Atmosphere Change Goals:

WRNK will  precipitate Spiritual Atmosphere changes by:

  1. Using the medium of radio to change the atmosphere over this city.

  2. Allowing people to be drawn into the Presence of God through anointed music, preaching, and teaching.

  3. Being a vehicle of Unity for the Body of Christ.

  4. Partnering with local churches and ministries in fulfilling the Great Commission through the Spoken Word.

  5. Constantly striving to bring a spirit of excellence into Christian Broadcasting and, most importantly, exalting Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Biblical Training:

WRNK will  further the spiritual educational mission through specialized programming such as:

  1. Educational broadcasts in the History and Practice of the Christian Tradition & Theology.

  2. Live and recorded worship services.

  3. Forums for the faith communities focusing on spiritual value.

  4. Literature audio presentations such as audio books, radio theater, and Scripture.

  5. Regular and special programs of discipleship, teaching, and preaching.

Support for Community, Families, and Individuals:

WRNK will become a voice in the area that the community cannot do without by providing:

  1. Community Calendar and regular posting of concerns

  2. Weekly bulletin services updating listeners about current trends

  3. Regular programming related to music, visual arts, etc

  4. Local news and community highlights

  5. Public service announcements and community service bulletins

  6. Meetings of interest, especially geared to shut-ins

  7. Programs covering health issues, including senior citizen concerns

  8. Educational programs focusing on the needs of children and teenagers

  9. Emergency preparedness topics

  10. Fire safety and medical emergency information

  11. High school sports events coverage.